Back to our roots

Back to our roots

​So yesterdays wedding at Lainston House wasn't just your average wedding, especially for the team here at Stolen Hearts. The wedding itself went amazing, the weather held out and the bride groom, Tina and Kev, could not have been happier. Their ceremony took place outside on the lawn under a beautiful pagoda, which is perfect for the filming team as we had a lot of room to play with and made covering the ceremony a breeze. The wedding breakfast in the barn was also very well received by the bride groom, who marveled at the setup that the wedding team at Lainston had prepared, with the bride grooms delight  carrying over to the evening reception.

Now, you may be asking, why wasn't this your average wedding for us at Stolen Hearts? Well, a couple of us here at Stolen Hearts actually started off working at weddings at Lainston house and this is where we were first introduced into the world of weddings. After working more weddings then we could imagine, we started to notice that very few of these weddings had videographers! We saw a gap in the market and before we knew it, we had set up the wedding video company, Stolen Hearts. 

We would like to thank the team at Lainston House for the excellent work (we may be a tad biased), and a big congratulations to Tina and Kev!

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