Choosing the right style and wedding video packages

​Choosing a wedding videographer can be as challenging as choosing the right ring or the right dress and as you look at different websites trying to choose the company that is right for you, you'll notice that many use shorthand terms to describe packages offered such as 'documentary, cinematic, traditional or journalistic'. 

This blog post will clear up some confusion and help you to make a well informed decision. At Stolen Hearts we aim to incorporate all styles into our wedding packages to provide the most comprehensive and diligent wedding videos which are presented in the most beautiful, picturesque style that will remain relevant for decades to come. We put a lot of emphasis on longevity and all of our packages come complete with a 10-15 minute cinematic highlight video to be delivered just four weeks after the wedding day on an engraved wooden USB stick. For this the wedding day is filmed and edited more like a very cute and endearing movie with emphasis on the emotional aspects, the build-up and the all-round positive vibes of the day. To create the cinematic effect we use an assortment of professional cinematography equipment similar (but smaller and much less intrusive) to what you might find on a film set. We've recently invested in some rather futuristic looking gear including our aerial drone and motorized 3-axis camera stabilization systems. We always shoot our weddings in teams of two or more professional, graduate cinematographers and as such we make sure to incorporate the most relevant and visually appealing filming techniques, shots and post production practices to create and enhance your wedding video. One key factor that really makes our videos stand out from what others are doing in the industry is in the structure of our highlights videos, we weave clips together in the most engaging way possible. We'll save the chronological order for the feature length film! By starting with the vows we'll introduce you to the couple and then we can show you everything else that happened in the day – after all a wedding video is a story and the most important aspect of that story is the people involved. This is what we have found to be the best structure to truly engage an audience.

Whenever you book a wedding with us we will invite you to our editing studio for a free consultation to discuss your wedding video and get to know you a little bit before you commit to hire us. No matter what package you book we will always make sure to film the entirety of the day including speeches and the full ceremony because although you may not want to watch all, or any, of your ceremony in the following months when a lot of the day is still fresh in your mind, you certainly may want to in 20, 30 or even 60 years time. And based on this we think it's better to have the option and we can add to your highlights package down the line to include full length edits such as those included in our higher packages. The current wedding industry as a whole is seeing a revival in vintage styled weddings, and we've seen this reflected in wedding videos. The nostalgic 8mm, 16mm or even 35mm film look has come back into fashion and it's something that we're commonly replicating in digital format.

When you come in for a consultation we will show you examples of each post production style to find what best suits you. An example from our most commonly chosen 'Platinum Package' includes the highlights video which is shot and edited in a cinematic style with the entire day being covered from the bridal preparation and guests arriving to the first dance and wedding reception at the end of the night. This package includes literally everything that happens in the day in full length edits and in individual sections. The ceremony is usually presented in a journalistic & more traditional style where the events of the day are captured as they happen with a multiple camera set up to be sure that every angle is covered and every smile, laugh or kiss is captured. We'll also incorporate the cinematic elements from the highlight video to set the scene and introduce a storytelling narrative. This makes for a more poetic and beautiful intrinsic video. Speeches are also produced similarly for the same reasons. We shoot all our videos with the future in mind, our style and production techniques are never cheesy and they are unlikely to ever go out of style.

To view some of our latest samples and trailers please feel free to browse our website and get in contact if you have any questions.

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