Conference of the Birds

 Now Stolen Images has filmed a very wide variety of videos; from 1930’s swing music videos to fancy Lamborghini taxis. But it’s always refreshing when you get a job which isn’t your bog standard corporate video or live event, you get to think outside the box again, experiment with what works and what doesn’t and you get to learn a tonne of new techniques and styles which can be brought over onto future projects.




Fuse performance, who are working with Winchester Uni, approached us with a very last minute job of filming a late night performance on Uni campus for their latest art project where students put on various street art performances for people to watch; these included aerial acrobatics, a comedic bunch of birds and fire dancers.



Filming at night time always poses a challenge with the lack of light; this means we have to bump up the ISO which means more gain, as well as using a wider aperture which can lead to a softer image and a smaller depth of field. But this was nothing our Black Magic camera couldn’t handle, even with bumping the ISO up, with a bit of post-production, we could get it looking a lot better than when it came out the camera. Another challenge was filming of the fire dancers, because you’re essentially filming light, with no other source of light, it’s hard to expose this to give a wide dynamic range meaning a lot of the shots you could only expose enough to see the fire dancer and nothing else, but this kind of shot worked with increasing the contrast of the background and the fire and this worked quite well.


Check out the finished video here:


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Sunday, 03 July 2022