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The James Bond films have been one of the most iconic film series of the last 50 years, inspiring the entire spy genre beyond just the film world. With James Bond being portrayed as a suave, martini drinking gentleman with a license to kill, who wouldn't want to live his life?? Exclusive group decided to offer a select few this unique opportunity to live like Bond and put on an exclusive Segway-driving, martini-making event and asked us to film it. 


Equipped with our own bond style gadgets, including our drone, BMPCC and GoPro, we were tasked to capture the day’s event from every angle. Four zones set out over the grounds of Lainston House, included activities ranging from a laser protected vault to a zip line, we made heavy use of our GoPro. The chest mount which offered a up-close view of the action while mounting the GoPro to the quad enabled us to get stunning aerial shots of the entire Lainston estate. 


Check out the finish video here:


Check out Exclusive Hotels and Venues who arranged and hosted the event, as well as Crescendo, the events company who helped put on the event.


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Sunday, 03 July 2022