GoPro's aren't just for filming sport.

Now just because they are small, doesn’t mean they can’t keep up with the bigger cameras in the trade. With the latest model filming in 4k @ 15fps and their newly announced model, the Hero 4, bumping that 4k up to 30fps as well as bumping 1080p to a whopping 120fps, finding a professional camera to do that will at least set you back £1000+, when GoPro’s are available at ~£400, you can see the logical choice.


We’ve used them in nearly every situation, from underwater diving filming in Asia, to using them as UV paint gun cams, to using them with our DJI Phantom aerial filming drone, they are incredibly versatile, plus their size means they can pop into any kit bag alongside our other equipment. Big Hollywood companies have also used them, with GoPro shots popping up in blockbuster films like ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and the ‘Hobbit’, and with the right post editing done, it’s quite often hard to tell the quality difference between their main cams and GoPros.


A couple of friendly Clown Fish we capture when diving out in Asia
   b2ap3_thumbnail_Barrel-GoPro-Shot.pngGoPro footage from the latest Hobbit film in the trilogy

With the announcement of the Hero 4, we will definitely be investing in one of these new cameras, mainly for the 120fps 1080p option just added, which I expect will be the selling point for most people in the same situation as us. As I mentioned previously, there’s no other camera which can achieve this at the same price point as the GoPro, even the new Sony A7s can only film 60fps at 1080p!



We’ve got a couple of projects lined up this month which we will be using the GoPro hero 4 on, so stick around for some test footage and see what we make of this tiny powerhouse of a camera.

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Sunday, 23 January 2022