If you can't handle the heat, then get out the kitchen.


After having part time jobs in the past working in restaurants, you can really appreciate the high-paced environment of a busy kitchen, with everyone doing their own job, completely in sync of every other chef in the kitchen, it's something you don't quite find in any other industry.




When Exclusive Hotel's newly setup chef's academy contacted us about filming a 'Junior MasterChef challenge', we were all more than happy to oblige. This one day event saw two teams of college students, preparing a 3 course meal for a full restaurant, with each dish being scored. The idea of this video was to follow the general feel of a MasterChef show; we followed each team in the kitchen, filming how they got on under the pressure.





For this shoot we took the BMPCC as our A cam and had a 60d as a B cam, we also took our GoPro Hero 4 to get some filler shots. Lighting was great in the kitchen, but a little bright and very cold, but this wasn't something that couldn't be fixed in post-production. Being quite a small kitchen, we had to move around quite a bit, using our tripods as monopods to quickly set up shots and then move again (a great tip for anyone without a monopod), we also put the GoPro on our steadycam for the entire shoot as rebalancing our other cameras for use on this would have been far too time consuming (anyone who has had to balance a steaycam will know what I mean).


Working in a kitchen is defiantly something we couldn’t handle, but we are always more than happy to film in one! Check out the finished video here:



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