Onwards and upwards!

So some of you guys may have noticed, we’ve been a little bit quiet these past couple of months, but this is all for a good reason. We’ve decided to pack up and move offices to a better suited location, Incuhive, in Chandlers Ford.

This business complex is still under development and we are privileged enough to be one of the first businesses to move in. With our very own dedicated editing suit, with dual editing stations, full surround sound and sound proofing just to start the list of upgrades, excited hardly begins to describe it. The complex will also be home to various other businesses as well as a host of amenities’ including its very own coffee shop, break out room with gaming consoles as well as A LOT of parking, (anyone who has ever visited our last office knows parking was always an issue) one can only compare this to a Google style office.



A little sneak peak into our new office



This is just the tip of the iceberg and plenty more things are planned, we will be updating this blog over the next couple of weeks when we finally move in, so stick around!


For more information about incuhive head to http://www.incuhive.co.uk/ or check out their Facebook

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Sunday, 03 July 2022