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We've done a fair few corporate videos, but every client brings a different challenge to the table. Reality HR, a human resources company, approached us after a video for their website. Now Reality HR isn’t your average HR company, they pride themselves on their team of 'working mums', even winning several awards for this along the way for this reason.



After meeting with Reality HR; we discussed ideas, agreed a script, scouted out a location as well as arranged shoot dates to get the ball rolling. This was a fairly simple shoot as there was a lot of preplanning involved between the client and us, with a talking head being the main bulk of the video, supplemented with filler shots of the office. From a technical side of view, their office was perfect for filming; it had great lighting, was quite spacious and had plenty of branding. Shot on our new Black magic pocket cinema camera with a Canon 60d, we were able to get nicely exposed and sharp shots, which made the post production process a lot easier, even with matching shots between the BMPCC and the 60d.

Check out the finished video here:



Overall, this was a quick shoot, with a quick turnaround, especially helped by the fact that our client knew exactly what they wanted.

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Sunday, 05 December 2021