Why should you film your wedding?

So, you're engaged! Congratulations.

In one sweet moment the fear of dying alone, being the last one picked for the team and gaining dust on the shelf have all been simultaneously banished from your mind. No longer do you have to dwell over how and why or when – for the love of your life has coughed up the goods, presented you with a ring and made a commitment to love and cherish you forever more. Race over, transfer window closed, depressing images of spinsterhood surrounded by cats, thankfully erased from your thoughts. BINGO.

So, let the fun begin - the acceptance of a glistening diamond upon your left hand means that there is the small deal of a wedding to organize. So what's on the list? Location, Officiant, dress, caterers, DJ, flowers, photographer, after ceremony, rings, first-dance-song, bridesmaids, ushers, Videographer…. Videographer?

But that's something they do in America right?

Well actually, no. Breaking away from brash American services, expensive glittering Asian ceremonies or the unions of fancy A-List Celebrities, videography is an essential part of any Wedding Day. Those shaky home movies taken by Uncle Bob are a thing of the past - modern day brides favor an expertly filmed, beautifully edited, stylish montage of their day.

Inviting a professional videographer to your Wedding means that those tender moments, subtle glances, giggling bridesmaids and pre-wedding butterflies can be cherished and relived for years to come. A wedding video does not replace the requirement for photographs, but your very own professional film of the event is something not to be missed.

Are you still dubious? No doubt you have been scarred after enduring a three and a half hour film of your Aunt and Uncles wedding service complete with a 30 minute bonus of small talk footage, while guests mill around waiting for the photos to be taken. As special is the day itself would have undoubtedly been, reliving the whole event play by play is not something to be desired - or inflicted upon others (saved only perhaps, by the opportunity to have a giggle at the 90's throw back fashion choices). Fear not, as Wedding Cinematography has developed drastically over recent years. With crafty editing you can create a masterpiece that will be treasured for years to come, masterfully put together to ensure that the feature is a celebration as wonderful as the day itself.

A time capsule of your Big Day not convincing enough? What about your best friend who emigrated to LA and can't make the service, or the grandparent that would love more than anything to share in your day but can't. Wouldn't it be wonderful to email them the highlights so that they too can share your joy and see the day for themselves rather than through a string of images and other's memories?

And finally– if you still need convincing on the benefits of a wedding film… Let's end with The Dress. The Dress. The beautiful, fairytale Dress that has taken over the last year, or more of your life. The Dress that you have visualized and developed in your mind since ever you were a six-year-old girl. The Dress that ever since a ring landed on your finger, you have scoured the Internet, bridal boutiques and fashion rails to find. The Dress, more beautiful or expensive than any dress you will ever own. The Dress that will fit and look perfect, thanks to hours spent altering, adapting, and dieting to wear. The dress that you will only get to wear once (in public at least). I think we can all agree you'll want to watch yourself swish around in The Dress time and time again.

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